Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez hit with ethics complaint

By – The Washington Times – Thursday, March 7, 2019

was hit Thursday with an ethics complaint for listing her live-in boyfriend as a staff member and getting him an official House email address.

The liberal superstar violated at least two provisions of the House Code of Official Conduct and possibly U.S. criminal law by making false statements about boyfriend being a staff member, according to the complaint by the conservative Coolidge Reagan Foundation.

“AOC has gotten away with utter hypocrisy for far too long. The Coolidge Reagan Foundation will do whatever it takes to expose AOC’s transgressions and hold her accountable,” said Shaun McCutcheon, the chairman of the foundation. “We’re going to actively monitor AOC’s campaign finance reports and congressional actions to push back on her un-American, anti-speech agenda.”

, New York Democrat, has denied any wrongdoing and accused conservative groups of targeting her.

The congresswoman’s office has said that is not a staff member and only receives the same benefits as other spouses, including a House email address.

The ethics complaint follows two complaints with the Federal Elections Commission over ’s alleged campaign finance shenanigans.

Questions about the treatment of and the campaign finances of the Ocasio- campaign were first raised by GOP political consultant Luke Thompson.

The freshman congresswoman’s conservative critics take delight in her alleged missteps because she presents herself as a working-class champion against corrupting influence of money and special interests.

The Coolidge Reagan Foundation filed an FEC complaint alleging campaign money was funneled to though a political action committee.

National Legal and Policy Center filed an FEC complaint alleging her chief of staff, Saikat Chakrabarti, illegally shuffled more than $1 million campaign donations between his political action committees and consulting firms, which were instrumental in electing .

Mr. Chakrabarit, a Silicon Valley tech millionaire, was the architect of ’s long-shot election win before joining her on Capitol Hill.

His political organizations, Brand New Congress PAC and Brand New Congress LLC, also are at the center of the payments to .

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