Angelo Carusone, Media Matters president, says racist, anti-Semitic blog posts were ‘parody‘

By – The Washington Times – Thursday, March 14, 2019

Media Matters for America President claims his old blog posts that denigrated Japanese people, Bangladeshis, Jews and members of the trans community were meant to be interpreted as “parody.”

Media Matters recently launched a boycott campaign attacking Fox News host for old radio appearances with “Bubba the Love Sponge,” during which he made comments that many deemed racist and misogynistic.

The , which was co-founded by , responded by digging up old blog posts by that reportedly referred to “Japs,” “trannies,” “Jewry,” and “dirty Bangladeshis.”

“It turns out that for years, maintained a racist blog. One post entitled ‘Tranny Paradise’ addressed a crime story from Thailand,” said during his opening monologue Wednesday night.

In another post, “heaped praise on a former Ku Klux Klan leader,” said. “And in still another post from the same period, described a Jewish man as being handsome, ‘despite his Jewry.’”

told CNN’s Brian Stelter on Wednesday that he wrote the blog posts as a parody of a “right-wing blowhard living my life.”

“It was awful and grotesque, which was sort of the point,” he said. “I don’t speak or write like that. They don’t reveal some hidden true self or something. As a testament to that, this is literally all they have and all that they have had for all these years. … the only that they ever highlight are those posts which were specifically written with the intent of underscoring just how gross and horrible right-wing blowhards are.”

But The isn’t buying it.

“ of the blog seem to contradict that explanation,” the outlet Thursday. “The archives show that, through his blog, espoused left-wing political positions, promoted former Vice President Al Gore as a presidential candidate and attacked Republicans around the same time he authored the inflammatory posts.”

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