BREXIT LIVE: Leavers and Remainers CLASH on Nigel Farage‘s Brexit BETRAYAL march

EU supporters ambushed Mr Farage’s walk shouting pro-Brussels slogans at Brexiters who are walking from Sunderland to Hartlepool in the first leg of the tour. One Brexiter waved a blue passport at the Remainers who were carrying red love hearts with messages including “we love workers‘ rights” and “we love to have a say”. Other marchers responded by shouting “EU money grabbers” at the demands for a second referendum.

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The March to Leave, organised by the Leave Means Leave campaign, aims to hold Theresa May to the referendum result after a tumultuous week in week in Westminster which significantly raised the threat of Britain not leaving the EU on March 29.

Around 100 people assembled in Sunderland, the first city to vote in favour of exiting the European Union on the night of the 2016 referendum, in order to start the event.

Mr Farage is expected to be accompanied on the march by Labour MP Kate Hoey and Conservative MP Andrea Jenkyns as Brexiters from all parties join forces.

Brexiteers are marching from Sunderland to London demanding Britain leave the EU on schedule (Image: GETTY)

Outlining the reasons for the “peaceful protest”, the march‘s website states: “It is now clear the Westminster elite are preparing to betray the will of the people over Brexit.

“To counter this, Leave Means Leave are undertaking a peaceful protest to demonstrate the depth and breadth of popular discontent with the way Brexit has been handled.”

“Failing to deliver a true Brexit will permanently damage the British people‘s faith in democracy.”


12.58pm update: May is ‘finished’ senior aides say

Senior aides have told Theresa May she must announce when she will quit in order to secure enough backing from Brexiters for her divorce deal.

Top advisers to the Prime Minister have secretly admitted they believe she is “finished” and should “fall on her sword” in the wake of this week’s further Commons defeats.

Two of Mrs May’s closest confidants told the Daily Telegraph the PM should announce a timetable for her departure so she can “go with dignity”.

Theresa May has been warned she will have to resign to get Brexiteer backing for her deal (Image: GETTY)

Number 10 has denied Mrs May is considering her position in exchange for squeezing the Withdrawal Agreement through Parliament but insiders are becoming increasingly conscious her resignation may be the only option to securing a deal.

12.23pm update: Soft Brexit Tory quits local party

Away from Nigel Farage’s march, senior Tory Remainer Nick Boles has quit his local party association over Brexit feud.

Mr Boles favours a soft Brexit approach and has called for a closer Norway-style relationship with the EU.

However pro-Brexit Grantham and Stamford Conservative Association has made moves to deselect the MP ahead of the next general election.

Mr Boles has not resigned from the Conservative Party which has made clear the Lincolnshire MP was a “valued member of the parliamentary party”.

Chief whip Julian Smith added: “I hope we will continue to benefit from his ideas and drive.”

However a senior official at Mr Boles‘ local association said they had been “betrayed” and called on Mr Boles to take the “honourable course” and quit as an MP.

Soft Brexit Tory Nick Boles has quit the Grantham and Stamford Conservative Association (Image: REUTERS)

11.54am update: Farage tells Express Theresa May has ‘made a mess of Brexit‘

NIGEL Farage has given an impassioned speech from Sunderland at the Brexit betrayal march, lashing out at politicians for “walking all over us” and pointing out the “will of the people is clear”.

11.21am update: Brexiteer MPs Andrea Jenkyns and Kate Hoey tweet betrayal march updates

Andrea Jenkyns said it was a ‘pleasure to march with passionate Brexiteer‘ Kate Hoey (Image: )

Brexiters rally behind the Farage, Hoey and Jenkyns tour bus (Image: )

Tory Andrea Jenkyns and Labour‘s Kate Hoey join Nigel Farage on the Brexit betrayal march (Image: )

10.54am update: Farage rallies Brexiters

Nigel Farage addresses Brexiters on the march, telling them Britain must leave the EU (Image: GETTY)

10.31am update: ‘Outrage not to leave EU on March 29‘ – Farage

Speaking at the March to Leave in Sunderland, Mr Farage said that it would be an “outrage” if Brexit does not happen on March 29.

The former Ukip leader said: “The will of the people is very clear.

“If you see what has been happening in Parliament this week, we may well not be leaving the EU.

“If politicians think they can walk all over us, then we‘re going to march back and tell them they can‘t. Simple as that.

“The truth is no-one knows that will happen in the next couple of weeks.”

Brexit protesters are continuing their 20-mile march towards Hartlepool (Image: GETTY)

9.59am update: Remainers set off EU flares

Counter-demonstraters hoping Brexit will be overturned have set off blue and yellow flares, the EU‘s colours.

They waved the flares at marching Leavers while shouting “exit Brexit”.

9.41am update: Chief-Brexiter Nigel Farage leads the march on London

Brexiters and Leavers clash at the beginning of the march (Image: REUTERS)

Nigel Farage is leading the march all the way to London (Image: GETTY)

One Brexiter waved a fake blue passport at Remainer protesters chanting pro-EU slogans (Image: GETTY)

Counter-protesters ambushed the Brexit march holding up red hearts with pro-EU messages (Image: GETTY)

9.29am update: March underway

In announcing the march, Mr Farage said: “All of us who want Britain to be a great country once again accept that we must be prepared to stand up for what we believe in and fight for our independence.”

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