China launched their OWN MOON? New SHOCK claim emerges that Beijing sent a Moon into space

China has been accused of launching a new Moon (Image: GETTY)

In his video, “Donny of Daytona”, Donald Wilson picks out a series of unusual images from the Moon’s surface. He indicates that the unusual “monuments” which have appeared on the surface, have changed from time to time meaning that there must be some presence or being on the Moon. While talking through a series of unusual shapes on the surface, Mr Wilson wonders whether the reason behind the constantly changing shapes is that the lunar wonder is under the control of China.

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Mr Wilson says: “How come parts of the Moon’s face are changing a little bit?

“Or that there are things that just pop and are added on.

“It makes you wonder if sometimes we see China’s Moon. The one they launched.”

Mr Wilson specifically points to “monuments” that are protruding from the surface as proof that the Moon is not what we currently believe it to be.

Mr Wilson appears to highlight several unusual images (Image: Donny of Daytona)

He also adds that there are multiple areas that are clearly crash craters.

Mr Wilson added: “There’s obviously a monument coming up from the ground.

“There’s an area of the ground that you can tell is burnt.

“It clearly looks as though something hit the surface and has exploded.”

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The unusual shapes are apparently structures coming out of the surface (Image: GETTY)

Although he doesn’t elaborate on China’s apparent artificial Moon programme he continues to point to several structures which he believes proves some sort of life.

While he manages to find a series of “new” triangular structures he neglects to explain the link towards Beijing’s apparent luna programme.

One user said: “It does seem like we have a local Sun & Moon.

“It‘s admitted about the moon, now just waiting on them to say Sun and that‘s one step closer to flat.”

In response, another said: “I can‘t stop laughing, you actually believe in what you say.”

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