David Beckham admits driving Bentley while using phone

The former England captain was charged after a member of the public told police they saw him on the phone while driving in London’s West End on November 21. 

Scotland Yard today said in a statement: “The Met understands a postal guilty plea was subsequently received by Bromley Magistrates‘ Court.”

The 43-year-old will be sentenced at Bromley Magistrates’ Court tomorrow morning. 

The dad-of-four is not expected to attend and members of the press and public will not be admitted. 

SCHEDULED: Beckham will be sentenced in court tomorrow morning (Pic: PA)

It will be an administrative hearing, known as a single justice procedure, where a single magistrate may choose to impose points or a fine. 

Beckham was sent a notice of intended prosecution (NIP) over the incident and charged on February 5, according to court staff. 

Last month, in Halifax. 

Sir Alex Ferguson led the tributes and was joined by other A-listers such as Gary Neville and Ryan Giggs.


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