Goldman Sachs job cuts – How to pitch VCs – Walmart‘s trucking ambitions



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  • Joe Ciolli talked to Rob Arnott, the chairman and chief executive of the Pimco subadviser Research Affiliates LLC, about .
  • Rich Feloni talked to Aetna‘s former CEO Mark Bertolini about how
  • Dan DeFrancesco spoke to Jeff Sprecher, CEO of the Intercontinental Exchange, who said .
  • And Greg Smith, the executive vice president of supply chain at Walmart US, told Rachel Premack how Walmart .

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Finance and Investing

Goldman Sachs is cutting roughly 5% of its sales and trading staff as its new CEO, David Solomon, conducts a review of the business and looks for ways to improve collaboration between the divisions.


Some of Wall Street‘s biggest corporate bond dealers are replacing humans with algorithms for a portion of their trades, another sign the robot revolution is in full swing.

Investors need to be more careful than ever about how they click, talk, and type. Investment banks are watching.

With big tech squarely in the government crosshairs, some on Wall Street think that years of pain are coming for social-media companies like and other longtime market favorites like .

Tech, Media, Telecoms

Spotify‘s complaint against Apple over unfair competition could end up costing the iPhone-maker billions of dollars.

Just because you‘ve binge-watched “Shark Tank” doesn‘t mean you know what it takes to deliver a successful pitch to investors.

has moved dozens of employees out of its laptop and tablet division and is scaling back the size of its in-house hardware group as it reassesses product plans in the fiercely competitive computer market.

AT&T has a choice problem.

Healthcare, Retail, Transportation

Federal regulators announced bold to curb the sale of sweet and fruity varieties of e-cigarettes, such as those offered by Juul, on Wednesday.

Last year, when a truck driver shortage hit industries across the board, had to reevaluate their bottom lines.

Seemingly overnight, a crop of companies have sprung up that can prescribe and mail you medications like birth control and Viagra.

All hires made by Tesla must receive CEO Elon Musk‘s approval, according to an email sent to Tesla recruiting employees in February.


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