Governor-elect Polis to archive congressional papers at University of Colorado Boulder

Governor-elect Jared Polis has chosen to archive his congressional papers at the University of Colorado Boulder Libraries Special Collections, Archives and Preservation department.

In a news release from the university, Polis said he learned something from constituents every day that he served as a Democratic congressman. “Now, I‘m proudly giving my archives to CU Boulder so that historians can also learn from what has occurred over the past decade in Congress.”

The donated papers will included Polis‘ archived website and social media from his time in the U.S. House of Representatives since 2009, according to the release. Other records in the archives will include electronic records, such as speeches, photographs, notes, position papers and correspondence with constituents during Polis‘ time in Congress.

Polis replied to more than 100,000 inquiries from constituents every year, according to the release, and communicated with them on social media as well.

While the archives of his website and social media will be available to the public starting Jan. 2, other congressional papers won‘t be available until 2050. The long embargo is “commonly requested” by people who archive papers while still holding public office, according to the release.

CU Chancellor Philip P. DiStefano said it is “an honor” for the University Libraries to hold this “important part of history.”

The University Libraries also hold the archives of other politicians including Colorado‘s first congresswoman, Rep. Pat Schroeder, and former University of Colorado presidents. In total, there is more than 5,000 linear feet of materials detailing the lives and careers of 15 former office-holders, dating back to 1907 in the archives.