Joe Lieberman warns Democrats off Ilhan Omar

By – The Washington Times – Thursday, March 7, 2019


, former senator from Connecticut and a vice presidential nominee in 2000 — whose Jewish observances once created quite an internal struggle that pitted his Sabbath against his politicking schedule — offered some stern words to the Democrats rallying around right now that went like this: Tread carefully.

Rallying about anti-Semitism could come back to bite.

You don’t say.

That should seem obvious. But to Democrats — apparently, even anti-Semitic comments are worthy of defense.

Here’s what said on Fox News, responding to ’s suggestion that pro- pols have sold out America by pledging “allegiance” to the Jewish state: That’s “clearly anti-Semitic,” he said, Mediaite .

In full: “When people say words that are biased, bigoted and hurtful to another group of people — another group of Americans — they have to be condemned quickly or else it takes hold. I’m not only thinking about anti-Semitism, I’m thinking about racism, I’m thinking about any kind of bigotry toward any religious group or any other group,” he said.

He then called this latest media swirl over ’s comments a “time of testing for the House of Representatives,” a “moral test” to see which way each lawmaker will fall.

“It’s a moral test about how clearly they will speak out — in this case against what said, which was clearly anti-Semitic,” said.

He then said most Democrats don’t think as does about America’s support for .

“But if they start to mumble in response to her specific and clear anti-Semitic statement,” went on, “then the party itself is going to be held more broadly accountable for having similar feelings — which I know they don’t.”

Or — maybe they do.

Who’s really to say when people of supposed good and moral character stay silent in the face of evil?

From NBC News: “Democrats split on response to ’s latest comments,” one headline .

At issue was a resolution House Speaker Nancy Pelosi wanted to bring that would’ve outright condemned anti-Semitism in all its ugly forms. The resolution, as initially discussed and leaked to the press, failed to mention by name. And hours later, angry rank-and-file Democrats representing the progressive and far left elements of the party managed to stall the resolution’s introduction.

President Donald Trump took note of the wishy-washy response to ’s anti-Semitism — which includes a 2012 tweet that “ has hypnotized the world, may Allah awaken the people and help them see the evil doings of ” — and , in his own tweet: “It is shameful that House Democrats won’t take a stronger stand against Anti-Semitism.”

Yes, it is.

It’s starting to look like Democrats aren’t that concerned about anti-Semitism at all.

Americans want to believe when he says ’s views on and the Jewish people “clearly do not represent the thinking of most anybody else in office in the Democratic Party,” as Mediaite .

But with all this silence, all this Democratic Party resistance to a resolution condemning anti-Semitism, it’s hard to agree.

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