Karen Jaeger: Support extreme risk protection order bill

The Extreme Risk Protection Orders bill, HB-1177, is well-titled. It is for those extreme risk situations that some families find themselves in. For desperate families who have been through failed therapies, failed medications and failed interventions with their family member who is suffering from a mental illness — it is for that hopeless moment when they need to reach out for help. This bill can be their ally. It can save a life or two or three. Let‘s give credit to the law enforcement agencies and the courts to know how to do their jobs safely and legally.

Colorado ranks 10th in the nation in suicides, half of which are gun deaths. This bill could save those lives. Recent polls show that 8 out of 10 voters in Colorado support this bill. And why not, when precious lives are at stake? The Colorado Senate will be voting on HB-1177. Tell your senator to vote to save lives. This bill has saved lives in 14 other states where it has passed. Let‘s save the lives of Coloradans, too.

Karen Jaeger


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