Keltner Channel Watch for This Stock: Motorola Solutions, Inc. (NYSE:MSI): 20 Day Lower Band is 140.70743

Because there are so many stocks to choose from, it may not be feasible for investors to be able to research all of them. Investors may have many different preferred methods for screening stocks, and it can sometimes be easier to focus on a small number of stocks at first. There is no shortage of stock picking ideas that come from various outlets across the globe. Certain stocks tend to become household names simply because of the amount of coverage that they get from the media. There are many unglamorous stocks that might be a good fit for the portfolio. Taking the time to branch out into previously non-researched sectors may give the investor some new ideas for portfolio additions in the future.

Shifting the technical focus to Keltner Channels, we see that the 20 day upper envelope is 142.69887 on shares of Motorola Solutions, Inc. (NYSE:MSI). The 20 day lower envelope is currently 140.70743. Traders may be watching for a breakthrough of the higher or lower Keltner bands.

Traders using technical analysis may be employing moving average indicators to assist with gauging a certain market move or to indicate its strength. Many traders will rely on the EMA or Exponential Moving Average to accomplish this. Checking on some recent levels we can see that the 10 day EMA is 142.32567, the 20 day is 141.70316, and the 30 day is 141.3039. Pulling back a bit, we note that the 100 day EMA is 137.07585, the 50 day is 140.36583, and the 200 day EMA is 132.21428.

A good way for investors to understand stock price movements is to look at how it has performed at various intervals in the past. Tracking shares of Motorola Solutions, Inc. (NYSE:MSI), we see that the most recent close price was 143.13
Year-to-date: 24.50452
Prior week: 1.8271008
Prior month: 2.2414162
Last 6 months:18.685781
Last 3 months: 23.474138

Traders use pivot point analysis to help determine key levels where a stock price may react. Tracking these turn around levels may help the trader while attempting stock analysis. Looking at some current one month pivots, we note that the Fibonacci pivot is 141.41667 while the Fibonacci support 1 pivot is 140.0491, and the Fibonacci support 2 is 139.20422. Checking on the one month Woodie pivot, we note the level at 140.77. The Woodie support 1 pivot is 137.96, and the Woodie resistance 1 pivot is 141.54.

Following recent trading activity, we note that Motorola Solutions, Inc. (NYSE:MSI) has seen a move of -0.13953812% since the open. The prior close was 143.13 and the one month high price is currently 143.67. 

After a recent check, we see that the Bull Bear Power reading is 2.1498208. Moving to some volatility readings, we see that the current value is 1.0479673. Looking out for the week, volatility is 1.1262097. For the previous month, volatility is at 1.3365581. Investors often track volatility across sectors to compare with the overall volatility in the market.

Once the individual investor has figured out a plan to analyze stocks, they can begin to start building a portfolio. Because not everyone has the same goals, time horizons, and risk appetites, it is hard to provide one answer to the question of how to construct the perfect winning stock portfolio. Although every investor’s goal is typically to beat the market and secure consistent profits, this is no easy accomplishment. Professionals have spent many years studying the ins and outs of the stock market. There are certain strategies that may work better during different market cycles, but it is hard to say with any certainty that they will continue to work in the future. Markets and economic landscapes are constantly changing, and being able to keep up with the changes might involve tweaking strategies that have previously been successful but no longer are.

Investors might be looking around every corner when analyzing shares of Motorola Solutions, Inc. (NYSE:MSI). Many investors will closely track a stock when it nears a major historical high or low point. Let’s take a quick peek at some major historical highs and lows for the stock:

All time high: 227.63297
All time low: 1.6118062
52 week high: 144.94
52 week low: 105.06
6 month high: 144.94
6 month low: 108.25
3 month high: 144.94
3 month low: 113.25
One month high: 143.67
One month low: 137.21

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