LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Democrats bent on destruction

By – – Wednesday, March 6, 2019


A non-partisan U.S. customs official has claimed that 76,103 “asylum seekers,” primarily from Guatemala, illegally crossed our borders in the month of February. The Democratic Party’s position on this crystal-clear invasion: “Walls are immoral” and that “there is no crisis at the border.”

This means that in the shortest month of the year the United States was effectively forced to absorb thousands of the world’s most destitute, illiterate and skill-less people, individuals who will compound the already at-breaking-point drain of our precious taxpayer-funded resources meant for actual American citizens.

What’s more, the political party that doesn’t see anything wrong with this hemorrhaging of American resources has as its primary mission statement to damage and take down President Trump, perhaps the only elected official in Washington intent on saving and preserving the sovereignty, culture and money of the United States. If this doesn’t make your blood boil, nothing will.

In a sane world, we the people would revolt and demand the immediate impeachment of the entire Democratic Party. So corrupt and anti-American has it become that if it were a college sports program, the NCAA would administer it the death penalty.


Medford, New York

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