LETTERS TO THE EDITOR: Democrats the party of free stuff

By – – Tuesday, March 12, 2019


There is no longer a Democratic Party of statesmen such as the late Daniel Patrick Moynihan, Henry Martin “Scoop” Jackson, Mike Mansfield and John F. Kennedy. We now have a progressive/liberal/socialist party, or as I call it, the PLS party. It caters to the masses, promising welfare goodies like salaries for all (regardless of whether work is involved), housing, medical care, food, etc. Why should the masses work for a living when most everything will be provided free? Little thought is given to the damage this does, robbing people of a sense of accomplishment and the opportunity to fulfill the American dream of achievement. It’s all in the name of socialism, a failed system everywhere it has been implemented.

One has to question whether the Democrats’ denial of a crisis on the southern border is motivated by a desire to allow more people to enter America, receive welfare goodies and be enticed into eventually voting for the PLS party. Is this also why the vast majority of House Democrats just voted against a bill that would prevent non-citizens from voting in American elections? Whatever happened to the concept of America as the land of freedom and opportunity? As Rebecca Hagelin wrote recently in The Washington Times: “[I]t was freedom, not socialism, that gave us the highest quality of life, the cleanest environment on Earth, and improved the health and wellbeing of millions around the world” (“Freedom is the antidote to the threat of socialism,” Web, March 10).

At what point will people realize that capitalist democracy, while not perfect, is the best system of governance the world has ever seen?


Potomac, Md.

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