LETTERS TO THE EDITOR: Dems corner themselves

By – – Wednesday, March 13, 2019


Democrats have made no secret of their hatred for President Trump, but dislike of an individual alone is not grounds for impeachment. The normal legal procedure for initiating impeachment would be the investigation of alleged crimes by the president. This is in complete contrast to the approach now being adopted by the Democrat-controlled House to establish a series of investigations to ascertain whether any significant rules have been broken.

The recent statement by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi that she does not support impeaching Mr. Trump because it is too divisive, and he is just not worth it has upset many in her party. Has Mrs. Pelosi had a sudden awakening and recognized that the path down which her party has been proceeding will be self-defeating? Or does the change of heart come from a recognition that without control of the Senate, impeachment proceedings would go nowhere?

For two full years, Democrats pinned their hopes on the report of the special counsel finding evidence of collusion with Russia to initiate action against Mr. Trump. Even the party leaders have now accepted that those hopes were based upon “fake news.” Now comes the sad recognition that they have painted themselves into a corner, and hence Mrs. Pelosi’s admission that she no longer supports impeachment.


Rockville, Md.

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