Liverpool legend Neil Ruddock warned he could drop dead at ANY minute

For the two-part documentary, Harry Redknapp is charged with taking a group of middle-aged former football stars from the 90s and getting them fit enough to face a German side again.

But Redknapp is so worried about Razor‘s weight and general health, he sends him to see a heart specialist, who delivers the news to the former Spurs and Liverpool ace.

Dr Enam Abood tells him: “Your good cholesterol is weak and your bad cholesterol is higher than it Harry‘s Heroes: The Full English, is on at 9pm on both March 18 and 19 on ITV.

“Given your lifestyle, we’ve got to do something drastic about that. If I don’t intervene, you are at a risk of having a heart attack and a stroke.” 


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FOOD FOR THOUGHT: Razor has stodgy grub (Pic: Freemantle Media )

ADVICE: Redknapp and Ruddock with nutritionist Luke Worthington (Pic: Freemantle Media )

HARD WORK: Neil dropped four stone in the run up to the show (Pic: Freemantle Productions )

I’m A Celeb star Razor, 50, has two daughters aged 11 and eight with wife Leah Newman. 

She is left horrified by the news, saying: “He could drop dead at any minute.” 

The former England defender lost four stone in the run-up to making the documentary, which also features David Seaman and Robbie Fowler. 

● Harry’s Heroes: The Full English, is on at 9pm on both March 18 and 19 on ITV.

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